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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Off to a slo-o-o-o-w start........

hmmmm....maybe this is going to be one of those "once a month posts" blogs. To be honest, I've busy debating on whether to continue with this or not. While I continue to debate with myself I will go ahead and post a photo or two of my most recent projects.

The first photo is a magnet that I made for a swap at http://swap-bot.com/. We were to create a vintage themed magnet. The floral background is actually a from a wallpaper sample from a sample book that I found at a Flea Market. I believe it is a 60ish vintage.

The next photo is of a "skinny" page. In order to be a "skinny", the size must be 5" x 3". This was for another swap at . We were required to make an arch shaped skinny, but we were free to do any theme.

The last photos is a "Christmas Tree Box" that I created for the Card Maker magazine forum, This was "pre-crop" challenge. You've gotta be an online paper crafter to understand what "pre-crop" means.

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  1. I love being able to see your creations Gaye. And I love the first three you've posted.
    The magnet is darling. Love the vintage look.the button and the flower patterned paper. it's really pretty. And the arch skinny page is is gorgeous!I love the picture of the gal. and the papers you chose. I love the print paper, the jewels and that butterfly. just gorgeous. The tree box is fantastic.As you know I adore glitter and this one looks like it shimmers for days on end.Pink and purple... yummy! Love your projects. And again It's great to be able to see your things on line!

  2. congrats on starting your own blog. it took me awhile to get the nerve to try it too. Looks like you've done some wonderful projects to start out with.hope to see more in the future. i will be back :)