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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bleary-eyed frustration

What ever possessed me?!?!? Why am I doing this?? Why can't I make it pretty?!?!? Wonder if Wordpress would be easier than this eblogger? I stayed up until almost 2AM last night trying to make this a pretty, enticing, inviting little spot on the wwww. "Be patient", you say. Well, then "you" don't me. Patience was never my middle name.

There will be probably a few of you who will stop by to check out this new place (since I stupidly -I know that's not a word - yelled out to several last night via email that "I have a blog!") So, for your entertainment benefit here are a few "creations" from the olde archives.

I love this Blue Bird ATC. I traded it a long time ago when I was in my "ATC trading mode".

I feel that I did an outstanding job on interpreting the ruggedness of the Old West and this fellow, Geronimo.

An "Inchie" featuring my mom and dad. I love this also. It's not a particularly artful composition, but it makes me smile when I see the two of them looking back at me from the center of the flower. =)


  1. That bird is gorgeous! I love it!

  2. Gaye your blog is off to a good start already...
    I love your Geronimo ATC. My husband and I are really interested in the American Indian culture. I love it.... Is it a stamp?
    Keep up the great crafting.
    Jane from Cardmakers

  3. Gaye, Your blog looks great! I love the colors. I think you are already off to a fabulous start. Now about your ATC's and inchie. The bird is just beautiful.Geronimo is great too. I like the textures I see. And the inchie of your parents in the middle of the flower is extremely precious. Thanks for showing them off!
    I'm looking forward to following your blog!

  4. You know, you should have thought of your sweet, bird-loving middle sister with that ATC and sent that straight to me.
    I'm behind on commenting. SORRY! It has been a crazy busy week thus far. Today I am home from work with serious gut distress. Will probaby call you later. Everything looks great here as I mingle and meander about. Good work.